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หูฟัง Bragi The Dash Pro

หูฟัง Bragi The Dash Pro

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Enjoy 5 hours of listening time per charge with these Bragi Dash Pro wireless earphones. Seamless Bluetooth pairing connects you to your mobile device with a single touch, and multiple sizes of foam and silicone sleeves let you find the perfect fit. Monitor your fitness activities as you control these Bragi Dash Pro wireless earphones with head gestures.

No wires

Enjoy perfectly synchronized true stereo with no echo or imbalance. Stream music from your Bluetooth device, or directly from the onboard music player.

Automatic activity tracking

The Dash Pro understands whether you are running, cycling or swimming so you can keep track of your workouts automatically without ever pushing a button.

One app sets it all up

With the free Bragi App you can personalize the Dash Pro to your needs. Visualize your activity for running, cycling or swimming and keep track of your performance.

iTranslate integration

Get connected to the world: communicate with people in more than 40 languages in real-time with the Dash Pro's enhanced translator skill.

Stay connected

Take a call by simply nodding your head for a truly hands-free experience.

Power through your day

Recharge the Dash Pro up to 5 times on the go with included portable charging case.

Water-resistant design

With IPX7 water rating and 4GB on-board mp3 player for up to 1000 songs the Dash Pro is the perfect companion for swimmers and outdoor activity.

Audio transparency

The Dash Pro offers passive noise isolation so you can stay focused. And with a quick swipe, audio transparency lets you mix music and your surroundings. Hear everything.

Lasting comfort

The lightweight ergonomic design of The Dash Pro provides secure fit in your ear and lasting wearing comfort. It comes with 3 interchangeable foam FitTips Pro and 4 silicone FitSleeves for your perfect fit.

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