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หูฟัง RHA CL1 Ceramic

หูฟัง RHA CL1 Ceramic

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CL1 Ceramic: In-ear headphone with dynamic and ceramic transducers

The dual transducer configuration combines the precision CL Dynamic and dedicated high frequency ceramic plate driver for true-to-life sound. With a crossover configured at 8kHz, the ceramic plate driver controls high frequencies whilst the CL Dynamic transducer delivers unprecedented accuracy in bass  and midrange frequencies.
The CL1 is designed for use with headphone amplifiers or high powered DAPs and smartphones.

Ceramic plate transducer icon Ceramic plate transducer for high frequency precision above 8kHz.
CL Dynamic CL Dynamic transducer provides unprecedented control and accuracy for bass and midrange frequencies.
CL1 housings icon Durable, injection moulded ceramic housings with low acoustic chamber resonance.
CL1 terminations icon Supplied with 3.5mm/6.35mm OFC cable / Ag4x Mini XLR (4-pin) braided cables.
Detachable icon Custom, secure sMMCX connections prevent contact degradation.
CL1 housings icon Fully mouldable over-ear hooks provide comfort and noise isolation.
CL tips icon Supplied with silicone and Comply™ Foam ear tips in a variety of styles and sizes.
Protector case icon Protector case and stainless steel ear tip holder.
3year icon Three year warranty.

Unique dual transducer configuration

In creating the CL1 Ceramic, RHA brings together two unique technologies. The ceramic plate transducer and the CL Dynamic driver collaborate for outstanding, high-resolution audio. The CL1's unique ceramic plate transducer operates uses a technology that we have refined for unprecedented control over high frequency and harmonic tone reproduction.


  • CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone
  • Braided OFC cable (sMMCX - 3.5mm)
  • 6.35mm adapter
  • Ag4x balanced cable (sMMCX - 4-pin Mini XLR)
  • 6 pairs, dual density ear tips - S x2 / M x2 / L x2
  • 2 pairs, double flange ear tips - S x1 / L x1
  • 3 pairs, Comply™ Tsx-200 Comfort Plus ear tips with Waxguard™ - S x1 / M x1 / L x1
  • Stainless steel ear tip holder
  • Protector case
  • Clothing clip


Drivers CL Dynamic + Ceramic Plate
Frequency range 16-45,000Hz
Impedance 150 ohms
Sensitivity 87dB
Rated/max power 10/50mW
Weight 14g (without cables)
Cable Braided OFC (sMMCX-3.5mm), Ag4x (sMMCX-Mini XLR)
Connections 3.5mm/6.35mm, 4-pin Mini XLR
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